How to Use This Site

All text on the website, including the newspapers and image descriptions, is searchable using this search bar at the top. You can put in any keyword or name and see what pops up, much like a Google search. If you want to search for a name, you can enter it there. If the name is relatively common, ie. John Smith, then it may improve your search results to write that in quotation marks "John Smith."

Screen Shot 1

Search results can be a mixture of newspapers and images from the Lost Villages Museum. In this example, we see that a search for "Mille Roches" brings up both photos and newspapers. To view the item more closely, click on the thumbnail.

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If viewing a newspaper, you will need to click on the newspaper again for the full PDF to open. At that point you could browse the newspaper or, if you want to find the specific instance of the name you searched, you could use ctrl+F to search the PDF.
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The advanced search is a great tool for those looking to find something specific. It has features that allow you to narrow the search parameters by multiple search terms, date range or institution. To use the advanced search, hover your mouse over the search bar and then click on “Advanced search” once it appears.
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Once on the advanced search page, there are several searching criteria to choose from:
You can add Booleans (additional terms linked with either And/Or/Not). You can enter a date range – be sure to enter a date and month. You could also narrow your search by repository (either the Dundas County Archives, Glengarry County Archives, or the Lost Villages Museum).
Screen Shot 14
Some users may want to simply browse rather than search for something specific, there are a few ways to do this:

1. Browse All Items
On the homepage, click “All Items” underneath the “Browse By” heading.
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The resulting page will show all items on the site. You can narrow down what is displayed using the facets on the left.
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2. Browse by Newspaper
If you want to browse a specific newspaper, you can also click on it from the home page:
Screen Shot 6

At that point you can click the “show hierarchy” button to see what years and editions of the newspaper are available to view
Screen Shot 7

Screen Shot 8

3. Browse by Lost Villages Collection

To browse the Lost Villages Museum Collection, click the link on the main page.
Screen Shot 9

At that point you can then click the “show hierarchy” button to see a list of each folder. From there you can click the folder to see further details of each collection. For example, if we click “Mille Roches,” we can then see the whole collection from that folder.
Screen Shot 10

In this example, the “Mille Roches” folder is being expanded. You can browse this carousel of 10 preview images, or click “show all” to go to a new page with all 382 images from the Mille Roches folder.
Screen Shot 11

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