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Home of John Joseph and Evalina (Bruyere) Denny

This Seaway home was from Mille Roches and the home of John Joseph and Evalina (Bruyere) Denny. It was built by John Denny, a carpenter, in 1922. His family had lived on the 8th Concession of Cornwall Township before moving to Mille Roches. John found a job as a Carpenter at the quarries. John Denny was born on February 15, 1881 and Evelina was born on November 11, 1885. John died on Father's Day, June 30, 1948, and Evalina passed away on January 6, 1953. Their remains were moved from Dickinson's Landing to St. Lawrence Valley Union Cemetery. The house was in the Denny family from 1822 to 1953. This house was located on the northern fringe of the village, and, as the photo shows, was moved by Brian Ardel House Moving, a business that moved many homes at the time of the relocations of the 1950s. Today, this home is at 16574 County Road #36, and its rural site was once the home of Treasure Island Honey Farm, operated by Jim and Barbara McLellan and family. The McLella family bought the house in 1953 for $5000.00 and lived in it until 2005. Photo taken c. 1956-57

Class at Mille Roches Public School

Top - Class at Mille Roches Public School in the 1940s
Second Row - left -Sheila Chant, Mille Roches
Second Row - right - Class at Mille Roches Public School in the 1940s
Third Row - left - Brooks brothers of Old Mille Roches, with Helen Wert - c. 1940s
Third Row - right - Class from Mille Roches Public School - St. George's Roman Catholic Chapel in background - c. 1940s
Bottom - This house, now at 4 Frost Avenue, Long Sault, was the 4th house moved in the Ontario Hydro relocation of the 1950s. The house was moved from Maple Grove where it had been built on the Allan Robertson farm by George Devitt and Allan Robertson's daughter Ada (Robertson) DeWitt. Following the passing of George Devitt, Ada married Stanley G. Williams. This house was identified as SL 64, and it was lifted from its foundation at Maple Grove on July 23, 1956. The following day, it was placed on its new concrete block foundation on Lot 277, Long Sault. This house served as a "Stop-over House" for those requiring accommodations while homes were being moved. John and Dorothy Thompson rented the house from Ontario Hydro on July 22, 1957, eventually purchasing it in 1960. Donna and Thomas Reed have made this house their "home" since 2006.

Milton and Golda Matheson home

Top left- Demolition of the Provincial Paper Mill - Demolished water tower ready to be cut into scrap. Photo c. 1957
Top right - This was the first house relocated by Ontario Hydro into Long Sault and identified as SL 659. This was the Milton and Golda Matheson home at Maple Grove, one of the "Lost Hamlets". Maple Grove was situated in the vicinity of the power dam and dyke construction (today at the end of Second Street west in Cornwall), and this construction is clearly evident in the photograph. This home was vacant at the time of the relocation, as the Matheson's had sold the structure to Ontario Hydro. The house was lifted off its foundation and moved on July 16, 1956, the day that these photos were taken. The house was placed on its new foundation at Lot 359 on July 19, 1956. On October 1, 1956, the house was rented to Mr. A.P. Bertram. Many will remember the Fred Deppe family living here for many years. More recently, the home was owned by the Grant Winchester family, however it was recently sold in 2021.
Middle left and right and bottom - Classes from Mille Roches Public School - c 1940s

Remains of the Provincial Paper Mill

Top left- Remains of the Provincial Paper Mill Ltd., Mille Roches - c. 1957
Top Right - Gathering at the Mille Roches United Church with Rev. Charles Dawes at centre of gathering - c. 1940s
Bottom left - View of the Cornwall Canal and Old Mille Roches from Highway #2 near St. George's Roman Catholic Chapel. Mille Roches Swing-bridge at centre of photo - c. 1945
Bottom right - Destruction of the Provincial Paper Mill at Mille Roches - c. 1957

Rapids Prince

Top left - Rapids Prince just off "The Head" of Sheek Island - Photo taken August 1926
Top right - Front Street, Mille Roches - c. 1923
Bottom left - Lakeview Cheese Factory - operated by Davis and Wilkins - Provincial Paper Mill water tower in background. Photo c. 1940s
Bottom right - Mille Roches business section destroyed by fire on New Year's Eve 1938-39. Ernest "Ernie" Lant lost his life in fire.

Brooks Brothers

The Brooks Brothers from Sheek Island at Old Mille Roches. They had a furniture manufacturing business, there. Photo c. 1940s- Boat named "Rambler"

Mille Roches United Church

Top left- Mille Roches United Church - c. 1940s
Top right - One of the last remaining structures still standing at Mille Roches in 1958. In the background is the dyke, created to hold the waters of Lake St. Lawrence
Bottom left - Mille Roches United Church awaits its demolition. The barn is on the property of Messecar/McCartney - photo c. 1958
Bottom right - Crusher at Mille Roches Quarry - c. late 1800s

Skinny dipping at the Mille Roches Quarry

Top left - A view to the south from the Powerhouse dyke, with "The Foot" of Sheek Island at right. Barnhart Island in the distance. The dried up Powerhouse sluiceway with Old Mille Roches at left, with Lower Road. Photo c. 1940s
Top right- St. George's Roman Catholic Chapel at Mille Roches, built in 1891. Photo taken c. 1940s
Bottom - Skinny dipping at the Mille Roches Quarry - c. 1940s

Ruins of Bush's Restaurant

Looking through the ruins of Bush's Restaurant and Taxi Stand, destroyed in the New Year's Eve fire of 1938-39. Photo taken on January 2, 1939. Derousie Store at left in the background

January 2, 1939 - New Year's Eve fire

Top left - Photo taken January 2, 1939 - New Year's Eve fire - Destroys restaurant, stores and apartments
Top right - Photo taken in front of James (Jim) Sheets' home, with Lakeview Cheese Factory at left in the distance, and Mille Roches Public School, S.S. # 4 on right. Creek beside St. George's Roman Catholic Chapel in foreground
Bottom left - Murdock's Store destroyed. January 2, 1939, photo. Stanley Fleming home in smoke of shouldering ruins
Bottom right - Fire in downtown Mille Roches - photo taken on January 2, 1939 - Inside of the Bennett place.

Sauve children

Top left- A 1928 photo of the Sauve children from Mille Roches. Jeanette M. Sauve (L) born 1927; Semon Sauve (R) born 1926
Top right - This building at 7 Frost Avenue, Long Sault, was the former Dr. J.W. Messecar home and office at Mille Roches, as well as the home of Louise McCartney. Brian McCartney, esteemed teacher and musician, has memories of life in this home, overlooking Bergin Lake. This was the 85th house moved into Long Sault, and it was identified as SL 471. This house was vacant at the time of its move from Mille Roches on October 19, 1956. Ten days later, it was placed on its new foundation on Lot 352. Following its move, this house was used as an office for the Chamber of Commerce, served as a depot for the Bank of Montreal until the Long Sault Shopping Centre was completed, and served as a school for students destined for the new St. George's Separate School on Bethune Avenue. For a period of time, until its conversion to Branch #569, Royal Canadian Legion, this dwelling served as the base for many community activities, including Bill Barker's Square Dance lessons for school children.
Bottom left - Mille Roches Swing-bridge- connecting mainland to Sheek Island, over the Cornwall Canal. Bergin Lake in the foreground.
Bottom right - 1942 ice storm at Mille Roches

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